Nobody Is Paying Attention

cute cabin, no one cares

An incomplete list of things other people aren’t paying attention to:

– your race results

– whether you hit that drop or not

– how many miles you rode on Strava this year

– how many likes your last Instagram post got

– how many followers you have

– that one time you were DFL in a bike race

– how much your bike weighs

– whether you took the A line or the B line

– that one time you got on the podium at a local race

– whether your socks match

– how stupid you looked crashing on that really easy section

– you, in general

A complete and totally comprehensive list of things other people are paying attention to:

– themselves

– that dog on Instagram who wears goggles

Syd Schulz

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8 thoughts on “Nobody Is Paying Attention

  1. I liked that cabin, and I think I was DFL at that race. You know what, I didn’t make any of those drops. I like the dog with goggles.

  2. Hang in there with all your activities. I cant even get the desire to go skiing and we finally have some snow. Just looking out the window is a blessing.

  3. Right on. Samuel Johnson said it best: “If any man would consider how little he dwells upon the condition of others, he would learn how little the attention of others is attracted by himself.”

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  5. Another awsome post, I think this applies to almost all bike riding, I have just started riding with a group and its hard to feel being last = holding everyone else back. When in fact people are supportive of the fact that at least your there trying.

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