View From My Office: Pemberton, BC

As with most things that require a weekly commitment, I have flaked out on my View From My Office Series. BAD, BAD ME. And, as with most things I flake out on, instead of re-assessing the situation and creating a more realistic timeline (say, whenever I feel like it, or every-tenth-tuesday), I just felt guilty about it and hoped that no one would notice that I had stopped doing it. This was terrible plan because it meant that when I came across a really great office photo, one I was just DYING to share, I would feel awkward about doing so.

So, that was me being awkward. And here’s the photo:


Pemberton, British Columbia.

Can’t promise weekly views from my office (BECAUSE FLAKY) but I am going to try to post more of these because I think it’s important to show that “real” side of nomad living. Oh and before you get jealous, the mosquitoes were eating me alive here. But it was a DAMN good sunset.

Could you work here? Where do YOU work when you’re on the road? Share your nomad offices in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “View From My Office: Pemberton, BC

  1. I know it’s a bit different for you, but I try to have all my shit scheduled if I’m on the road & just check in on facebook every now and then to make sure everything’s going out when it should.

    Right now, I’m working from my parents living room, hair drying, wrapped in a blanket, looking incredibly unglamorous! Such is the Real Life of a travel blogger ;)

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