What Doesn’t Kill You… | 11 May 2016

Makes you stronger??? Or, you know, not. (more...) [4 comments]

Two Books That Made Me a Better Athlete | 1 Mar 2016

Reading is awesome and you know you need to do it more. So here are two books that have made me a better, stronger and smarter athlete. (more...) [3 comments]

Is Will Power Really Your Friend? | 8 Feb 2016

Will power can work for you, if used sparingly, or you can drive yourself up the freaking wall trying to battle your mind over every little task. (more...) [0 comments]

Lessons from Riding Outside My Limits in Queenstown | 9 Mar 2015

If there’s one thing that is readily apparent about Queenstown, New Zealand, pretty much the moment you roll your bike out the door, it’s this: here is a place that doesn’t fuck around. When it comes to riding mountain bikes … (more...) [3 comments]

Vanquishing the Hangries, One Roadtrip at a Time | 8 Feb 2015

The scene is a gas station somewhere in Illinois or Indiana. It’s 2012, I’m 21 years old and Macky and I are driving his beat up Subaru Legacy across the country. (To read my three part treatise on the Subaru’s … (more...) [2 comments]

January 2015: New Zealand Makes It All Better [Vlog] | 1 Feb 2015

Sometimes when I’m in the US or traveling somewhere else in the world, I feel a little silly about constantly waxing poetic about New Zealand. I mean, it’s great, right, but how can any place be THAT great? Clearly, I’ve … (more...) [4 comments]

Mountain Biking in La Parva, Chile | 14 Apr 2014

Of course, I’m biased, but I really believe the only way to experience this place is on a mountain bike. However, I’m not going to lie–the trails here are really, really difficult. (more...) [19 comments]

Recovery on the Road: Osmo Nutrition | 8 Feb 2014

Disclaimer: I did not pay for this product. This has everything to do with who I sleep with and nothing to do with this blog. I was not in anyway requested, obligated, coerced or otherwise manipulated into writing this. I … (more...) [14 comments]