When To Quit a Bike Race | 30 Mar 2017

This was a race to see how hard I was willing to push myself simply to finish a race. (more...) [2 comments]

Why I’m Reframing the Way I Think About Results | 10 Mar 2017

Last year, I let racing get under my skin. I let it undermine the things that I love about riding bikes and training and being an athlete. I let myself think that I deserved better, when in fact, I have so much already. (more...) [4 comments]

Step Forward, Step Back | 23 Feb 2017

Our first three weeks in Scotland felt like a dream. I was riding better than I ever have. I was hitting power numbers that I had never seen before. I was going to the gym, doing my intervals and putting … (more...) [6 comments]

How to Fly With Your Bike Like a Pro | 18 Jan 2017

After flights to four different continents and 7+ countries in the past three years, and only a few disasters, I have learned a thing or two about how to bring your bike on a plane. (more...) [0 comments]

How Do You Train for Enduro? | 10 Jan 2017

Training for enduro in the off-season is all about training your weaknesses. For me that means strength work and high power work. (more...) [2 comments]

I learned how to wheelie in a week | 29 Dec 2016

I chose to write about wheelies for this blog post because I used to be pretty bad at wheelies (spoiler alert: I am less bad at them now). (more...) [7 comments]

The Path to Reduced Suckage (and Other Wisdom from Lee Likes Bikes) | 8 Dec 2016

I interviewed Lee McCormack from Lee Likes Bikes to get his perspective on how we can all be better learners — and I have an awesome holiday deal on online coaching for my readers! (more...) [3 comments]

How I Learned How to Learn | 1 Dec 2016

Learning is a skill, and you can get better at it. Here are five steps to help you learn faster, and better. (more...) [4 comments]

Fear and Mountain Biking | 22 Nov 2016

I have a few strategies for dealing with fear while riding, some better than others. (more...) [3 comments]