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What is this blog and why am I here?

Okay, I can really only answer the first part of this question. This blog is about my journey as a professional mountain bike racer — trying to get faster, push my limits, conquer fears and balance all of that with still having fun on the bike. I’m constantly learning about this sport and my own capabilities, and I want to share this process with all of you. So, while this blog is mainly about me, it’s also kind of about you, and how I can help you learn from my mistakes and encourage you to tackle your goals.

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For anyone – posts for people who want to get better at sh$t

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For mountain bikers – posts about tackling the unique challenges of this sport

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For racers – posts about dealing with the stress of competition

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Lemons to blog posts – times when everything went wrong but at least I got a good post out of it

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Ask Syd – my favorite questions from blog readers

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