Why do we ride? | 15 Aug 2018

We need to STRIVE, and we also need to JUST BE. Can bikes do all that? (more...) [6 comments]

The Years Don’t Happen Without the Days | 1 Aug 2018

One question that I get on this blog ALL THE TIME is: “how do you gain confidence on jumps and drops?” Here’s the answer (that no one wants to hear). (more...) [0 comments]

What if… | 6 Jun 2018

A few questions to ask yourself every damn day. (more...) [0 comments]

Sometimes A Jump is Just A Jump | 23 May 2018

So often in life we get wrapped up on our obstacles, and on what we need to do to overcome them. And that’s great and all. I’m all for overcoming obstacles. But if our perspective is too narrow, we run the risk of creating obstacles where there are none. (more...) [7 comments]

The Problem with “Fake it ‘Til You Make it” | 9 May 2018

Sometimes you get so good at faking it that you don’t realize that you crossed some invisible line and you’re no longer faking and maybe you never really were. (more...) [8 comments]

Meditation and Being a “Good” Athlete | 2 May 2018

If you are showing up and sitting, then you are doing all that is required. It’s kind of like being an athlete. If you’re showing up and doing your training and putting in the work, then you are a good athlete. All those other details like results and rankings and mile times are irrelevant. (more...) [3 comments]

This Year Feels Different | 25 Apr 2018

My main take-away from this year’s “warm-up” race at Sea Otter: It is interesting (and interestingly satisfying) to do a race and feel like your expectations are actually in line with reality. That is a fancy way of saying that … (more...) [0 comments]

14 Zen Lessons Acquired from Mountain Biking | 18 Apr 2018

Zen and the Art of Crashing on Your Face? (more...) [6 comments]

The Value of Putting Yourself in Impossible Situations | 4 Apr 2018

I have a knack for getting myself into rides and adventures that are over my skill level. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s a combination of hubris and FOMO. (more...) [2 comments]