How I Learned How to Learn | 1 Dec 2016

Learning is a skill, and you can get better at it. Here are five steps to help you learn faster, and better. (more...) [4 comments]

When You’re Tough Enough | 23 Aug 2016

The lesson I’ve been learning this year is that being tough, while admirable, does not make you fast. And also, and perhaps more importantly, I’m already tough enough. (more...) [14 comments]

All the Other Days | 4 Aug 2016

With racing, there are good days and bad days. What no one ever tells you, though, is that there are also a hell of a lot of “other days” that are neither totally good nor totally bad. (more...) [3 comments]

Frustrating Mountain Biking Scenarios and How to Deal With Them | 15 Jul 2016

Mountain biking can be frustrating AF. It’s also fun AF too, of course, but I think when we’re trying to sell our non-bike friends on the sport we often oversell the fun factor and forget to mention that, oh by the way, this sport is kinda HARD. (more...) [6 comments]

Why “Not Getting Last” is the Worst Motivation | 22 Jun 2016

“I just don’t want to be last” is the equivalent of wanting someone else to fail, instead of wanting yourself to succeed. (more...) [4 comments]

This is Why Having a Growth Mindset Matters | 22 Mar 2016

I plan on writing a post with some real world tips on how to develop a growth mindset, specifically in a mountain biking context, but first I think we need to clear up what a growth mindset is and why it’s worth it. (more...) [7 comments]

How I Finally Stopped Saying Sorry | 21 Feb 2016

Over the past few months I’ve made a concerted effort to replace “sorry I’m slow” with “thanks so much for waiting for me,” and the results are pretty astounding. (more...) [35 comments]

How to Get Better at Being Bad at Things | 13 Jan 2016

I know this sounds silly, but it’s my personal opinion that being bad at things in a graceful, helpful way is a very important skill that not nearly enough people have devoted time to mastering. (more...) [8 comments]

Enduro World Series Round #1: What Makes A Good Race? | 31 Mar 2015

This race wasn’t really a race between me and the other pro women. It was a race between me and this dude we’ll call the “Asshole In My Head.” And I freaking stomped his ass. (more...) [9 comments]