Ask Syd: Is Online Skills Coaching Right for Me?

Hi Syd! I’ve been enjoying reading your blogs for a while now. Thankyou for being so candid and honest. They’ve been helping me out with my own mountain biking challenges. The question i have is regarding Lee McCormack. I am looking to get stronger and more skilled on the mountain bike. I’m a masters level athlete and pretty new to mountain biking. I’ve got some fears and hesitations to overcome and I’ve got some local races that I’d like to smash outta the park compared to last year. Would you recommend Lee’s online mtb school for me? Thanks!! !


I decided to repost my answer to this question, in case anyone else in curious about whether online skills coaching makes sense for them.

Thanks for writing and glad you like the blog!

Short answer is YES, TOTALLY. Lee’s online school has literally been a lifesaver for me, and has helped me ride so much more safely (and quickly). Since I’m traveling a lot, it would have been impossible to get that kind of instruction in a clinic format.

I think the online program is especially good for anyone who wants to work through things slowly and in their own time, without the pressure of a clinic, but with the encouragement/support/tips from Lee and his entourage of incredibly skilled coaches. The FB group that he has created is a really encouraging environment with everyone giving feedback and working through things on their own time. The flip side, of course, is that you have to be self motivated and get out to practice on your own, but being able to share your progress with Lee and the group creates a good incentive to get out the door, even when the weather is nasty.

As for overcoming fears, I personally have found this kind of instruction — parking lot drills and analyzing form — to be really helpful, because these exercises are low consequence. Trying to learn on a trail, when you are already facing things you’re scared of, or maybe there’s a drop off one side so a screw up would be high consequence, is hard/impossible. If you practice the body mechanics and the skills before you get to the trail, you’ll be so much more comfortable and less afraid.

I have discount codes for Lee’s online school — 20offyear4Syd for a year of training or 10offmonth4Syd if you want to try it out on a monthly basis.

Hope this helps!


Click here to read an interview I did with Lee about his online school and his thoughts on being a better learner.

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