What if…

A few questions to ask yourself every damn day.

What if you didn’t give up?

What if you tried? I mean, really, really tried…

What if you stopped giving yourself an out?

What if you stopped making excuses?

What if you gave it every ounce you had, every single day? What could you accomplish then?

What if you were nice to yourself? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? You could fail, while being nice to yourself. Whatever.

Speaking of failure, what if you weren’t worried about it? What if you didn’t think about failure at all? What would you do differently? What would you change RIGHT NOW?

What if you just kept going?

What if you stopped listening to other people’s opinions?

What if you stopped caring about what other people were doing?

What if you stopped reading the comment sections?

What if you stopped getting in your own way?

What if you really did do you? Do you even know what that would look like?

What if you believed in yourself? Who would you become?

Syd Schulz

Pro mountain biker.

Average human.

I write about bikes and life and trying to get better at both.

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