A Five Step Plan to Getting Epic Crash Photos | 8 Aug 2017

Here’s a question I get a little too often: How on god’s green earth do have so many photos of you crashing? Because, let’s be real, I have an archive of semi-professional photos of me falling on my face, and … (more...) [2 comments]

Breaking Points | 4 Aug 2017

I hit a breaking point two weeks ago at National Champs. I went into the race tired — I had done some solid training in Ohio at my parents’ house the week leading up to the race, and while I … (more...) [6 comments]

Stop Pushing Boulders, Start Moving Mountains | 22 Jun 2017

Pushing boulders is the opposite of “going with the flow.” Pushing boulders is all force and no right effort. Pushing boulders is exhausting and frustrating and ineffective, because you feel like you’re doing everything and yet, those damn mountains refuse to budge. (more...) [2 comments]

Stop Saying These Four Things and Improve Your Game on the Bike | 15 Jun 2017

Here are four things you’re probably saying that are hindering your performance (not to mention fun) on the MTB. And what you should be saying instead. (more...) [0 comments]

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Gone Viral, an Update | 4 Jun 2017

I think the most important take-away from this situation is that if you keep thinking to yourself “I know I’m better than this,” then, well, maybe you are. (more...) [2 comments]

Ask Syd: Should MTB Coaches Have Race Experience? | 14 May 2017

This question from Jess came at really good time, as I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about WHY I race, and how important that really is to me. I figured I’d post my answer up as it might be helpful, or at least discussion-provoking. (more...) [2 comments]

When To Quit a Bike Race | 30 Mar 2017

This was a race to see how hard I was willing to push myself simply to finish a race. (more...) [2 comments]

Why I’m Reframing the Way I Think About Results | 10 Mar 2017

Last year, I let racing get under my skin. I let it undermine the things that I love about riding bikes and training and being an athlete. I let myself think that I deserved better, when in fact, I have so much already. (more...) [4 comments]

Books for Athletes: The Power of Habit | 3 Mar 2017

A monthly column where I share a book I’ve read recently, and how it’s helped me develop as an athlete. (more...) [3 comments]